Here’s the story,  today at work my friend was telling me about playing Guitar Hero and how fun it is.  It really made me want to get it.  When  I got home I started telling my husband that i wanted it and how I think we should go buy it. Well, that started a conversation on how I have been wanting a Wii so we decided just to get one so I started calling all of the Wal-Marts and Best Buys in town. Of course, none of them had any.  I was all bummed out then my husband said we could just buy Guitar Hero instead. SOO we go to Wal-Mart to buy our groceries and see that it’s going to cost over 100 buck to get the guitar and the game for Guitar Hero so we just decided to wait and spend the money on the Wii. Anyway I got all moody and was kind of pouting because i wanted to blame him for us not having a Wii.  He plays his football game on the playstation and i just wanted something that we could play together.  It also sucks because I am half-mad that a bunch of my friends at work got Wii’s because one of the sales rep’s wife stocks cards at wal-mart and so he goes in there like everyday and knows when all of the Wiis are coming and hooks the people at work up with them!  How did i miss out on this? 

I guess it kind of makes me mad at myself because I know it’s just a dumb game and there are bigger problems in my world but this is what ruins my friday night.  Plus, we have been trying really hard in the last year to pay off our credit cards (which we did) and our cars so I know it is money that we could use for that.  But it just looks so fun!!! 

When I sat down to eat tonight the first commercial i saw was for the Wii mario game.

Recent movies I have seen reviewed in 3 words or less

 Casino Royale – Fast,  Predictable, Worthwhile

Catch & Release – Underwhelming

Talladega Nights – Hilarious

Dreamgirls – Long, Bad Music

The Good Shepherd – Long, Interesting, Good

Why can’t these shows be re-run instead of Fresh Prince of Bel Aire???

Here are some pick of mine that I think would be good to see on Nick at Night.

The Hogan Family

Gimme a Break

The Facts of Life

Mr. Belvedere

Perfect Strangers

Hearts Afire

Does anybody else think the same thing of have any other ideas?

Here is what led me to this blog thing.  My husband and i had a major brainstorm for a business idea this weekend and it involved starting a web site.  Here is the sad part- I am a graphic artist who has totally been ignoring technology since i graduated from college. 5 years ago.  Anyway we decided that i really needed to dive into this stuff. So since monday i have been trying to grasp it. 

Starting a blog seemed like the first step. The challenge will be to keep going with it.  Right now i am super busy at work so it really is hard to make myself jump on the computer again and spend my night glued to it.  

 Here is what my day has consisted of

Got up and ate breakfast while reading a big article on Judd Apatow. I am a big fan of his since freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.  Went to work and was busy all day with a meeting and working on a project on a super tight deadline. Then went and got my haircut.  CAme home, ate a burrito and got on the computer.  Started to do some HTML.  Then came to the blog.  This blog is super boring right now i realize. Please bear with me.

You may wonder how I came up with this name. Then again it may be totally obvious.  I guess it started in 8th grade when I won third place in the current events division at a scholastic meet.  That kind of started me on my thirst for trivial pursuits.  Actually i do have some interests that are worthwhile.  My husband and I love music, movies and personal finance.  He is in school right now earning a degree in accounting. I am a graphic artist for a retail chain.   Thats about it for now.